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# Posted: 28 Nov 2008 17:08

Addressed to the Save The Farm Committee (in particular):

I noted in the Farrer Old Boy's Newsletter that our sister school Farrer is trying to raise funds in order to purchase even more farming land. They apparently currently have around 140 Ha as does Hurlstone.
I don't know if their attempts will in any way assist Hurlstone to retain the farm, but it would seem appropriate / worthwhile for the HAHS committee to make contact with Farrer to swap information and discuss possible strategies.
The website and reference for the Farrer Newsletter (worth a read) is: ds/PDF/Old%20boys%20Master%20Nov%2006c.pdf

See page 15 of the Newsletter (PDF download). Mention is made elsewhere that the school is trying various methods of raising capital to assist in the purchase of the extra land.

Also noted from that Newsletter is that Mrs Clarry James, wife of the founding Principal at Farrer (1939), and also Principal at HAHS (1960's), recently passed away aged 96. I remember her as a kindly and well thought of lady at HAHS when I was a boarder there.

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# Posted: 28 Nov 2008 21:59

Hi Larry - good pickup. I will pass it for consideration by the committee. I think commonsense suggests that 20 ha is not at all satisfactory for practical agriculture education - but this is a real life demonstration of what a similar school thinks it needs.

David Moore

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