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# Posted: 20 Nov 2008 22:49 - Edited by: admin

This Saturday, there will be a meeting at the school to determine an action plan to fight this proposal.

Anyone interested in opposing the sale is encouraged to attend this meeting.

Saturday November 22, at 2pm in the school library.

To assist with preparations, please RSVP to Adrian Alexander (via the Alumni Register)

If you are unable to attend, but would have liked to, please email an apology to Adrian (so he can gauge the level of interest).

As well as former staff and students, some state MP's have also been invited to attend. We are also expecting a significant media presence.

Alumni Admin

[PS: Thanks to all those who have sent emails on this issue. The only problem is that there have been so many that I am struggling to even read them all, let alone respond to them! - Admin]

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# Posted: 21 Nov 2008 02:06 - Edited by: AdrianA

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with e-mails (over 160 in past 2 days) from Alumni all over the world expressing all kinds of sentiments, shock horror, disgust, disbelief but there has been an absolutely wonderful show of loyalty to the Hurlstone family with so many speaking with one voice expressing the clear view that there is no way any part of Hurlstone should be permitted to be sold.

Saturday Nov 22 promises to be a very productive meeting. Try to be there (2.00pm). We need indications of numbers (for catering purposes) so please e-mail me whether to confirm you are accepting the P&C's kind invitation to afternoon tea for attendees or your apology and comments if unable to attend.

The past week has been a hard slog for those of us at the sharp end of this campaign but with your help and continued enthusiasm we are getting our message across and we will keep right on going until we win through.

I hope to see you Saturday but would like to hear from you either way.

Adrian Alexander (Class of 61)

[PS: You can contact Adrian by email at - Admin]

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