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# Posted: 16 Nov 2008 07:41

HI All,

A concerted action to the Ministers involved and even Federal intervention may be required to stop the 'Sell Off' of Hurlstone.

Recently I waged a campaign in our local town to get 24 Hour Policing. This fight had been going for 20+ years with no result. I figured a change in tactics as previous partitions and letters had not worked. I had 5,000 Post Cards printed showing an arial photo of the local town. On the back there was one of 4 pre-written notes to 'The Minister for Police' requesting immediate action, with a request to reply and a space for the senders address. We placed these in local post offices, cafes, libraries and council, with a drop box OR people could mail them. They were collected (all signed) and the local Member carried them into Parliament and let rip on the Minister on 2 occassions. We also got the press involved and the local newspaper got on board as did the local TV station. We got our 24 hour policing. The bottom line is to shame the Ministers into action (or reversal of actions in this case) and apply continual pressure. Get the local Politicians involved and the media. It can be done and I hope it will as this is a short term fix with a very permanent and incalculable loss.

Craig ANDREWS '75-80 HAHS

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# Posted: 17 Nov 2008 16:24 - Edited by: AdrianA

I have been campaigning hard since I head about this ridiculous proposal. I've-mailed most Opposition MP's (State and Federal and already have several replies. Pru Goward (Goulburn) is real keen to help. There have been other supportive replies, but most importantly here is the second of 2 e-mails in reply from Barry O'Farrell's office:
"Hi Adrian
Further to my last email I think we could up the pressure on the Government on this issue through the media. How do you feel about speaking to a journalist about this issue? Do you know whether some of your old high school mates would be happy to speak about this?

How should we proceed?
A rally ouside Parliament House protesting the mini-budget generally is apparently being held on Tuesday 25 November. (Parliament is sitting 25/26/27 Nov). We also need our own media events where alummi and current representatives of the school plus interested politcians can address the media and present our viewpoint to the Premier and Treasurer if they are brazen enough to face the meeting? We should present them with a Centenary book and mug to remind them that they are mugs to meddle with Hurlstone.

Let's get some momentum rolling and convince the Government that "Selling Hurlstone simply IS NOT ON!"

Hurlstonians did us proud in times of War. Let us not allow their memorial grove or farm be sold for a few pieces of silver to prop up a bankrupt government!

Adrian Alexander (HAHS 1957-61)

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# Posted: 17 Nov 2008 16:41 - Edited by: AdrianA


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# Posted: 17 Nov 2008 23:24

Adrian, I have emailed several Senators and even Chris Hayes the Labor MP for Werriwa. I have also emailed MajGen Bill Crews - President of the RSL and Alan Jones. Alan has indicated a desire to speak to me on air on Tuesday morning.

I know Pru also and good to see she will support along with BO'F.

Many in the class of 82 are sending off emails to local MPs (state and Fed) in addition to your admirable efforts.

I know Wilton Boyd (who is from around your time) is active also - as two of his Hurlstonian children.

I am suggesting that we have a two pronged response - mitts of the farm and preserve, protect and restore the Memorial Forest.

I note that both your contacts are Liberals. Any corro to or response from the local Labor MPs at all? I think its important that we reward support regardless of the side of politics they might come from - noting that it is a Rees Government decision. I am of Liberal stock, but this trancends partisanship - with Mark Latham and John Kerin both having been students. If we can get the local Labor MPs to support that would be good because I understand there is much dissent within the backbench of the Government.

It is a dumb decision and we want people of goodwill to support the cause.

If you have any definite support from MPs please let me know so that if we do media we can commend them - regardless of their politics.

kind regards

David Moore
Class of '82

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