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# Posted: 11 Oct 2007 16:47

I know it is a little early in the piece but I figure it is going to take 2 years to get in contact with everyone. I am thinking an October 2009 reunion around Parramatta area.
If you are interested, have suggestions or have contact with people from the 'Class of 1989' I would love to hear from you.
You can email me directly at:
Hope to see you there.
Sandra de Gravisi

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# Posted: 12 Oct 2007 19:05

Hi Sandra,

that's a great idea. Filiz passed on the email and I passed it on to Paulo, Ray , Scott Ison and Bren markey.

I'm curretnly in London but I'm sure I could find an excuse to get back !!

20 years - bloody hell !!

Paul Thompson

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# Posted: 15 Oct 2007 14:19

Already emailed this idea to Sandra, but said I'd post it here, too. (This is Grant McKell, by the way).
I remember at our end of Year 12 "concert" (Hey Hey Its Stirday), Allan Atkin, Gavin York and Troy Jessop performed Transvision Vamp's "Honey, I Don't Care", dressed in pink tutus. (From memory they also danced Grade One ballet to "Pretty Powder Puff", choreographed by Lynden Bartrim and friends.)
I think Jason Crawford played guitar and I know I played bass (which I play much better nowadays!). Can't remember who was on drums or if we had a keyboard player. Maybe Darren Bugg might be interested in playing?
I'm up for a re-performance at the reunion, if we can get those three to agree.
What do other people think?

Grant McKell

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# Posted: 12 Nov 2007 02:35

Given that Paul is in London (and quite a few others), there are a number in the USA, and the rest in Australia; can I suggest that we all meet halfway? I am picturing Vietnam.

There is a very nice restaurant down the road from me in HCMC that would be convenient.

Gary Malcolm

Carolyn Pengilly
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# Posted: 24 Jul 2009 10:04

I am organising a reunion for our year group and am hoping to send out a date and possible venues by the end of this week at the moment the possible dates are 10th October, 17th October or January....
Format =
Possibly a family BBQ at Hurlstone and a tour and then a night function either at Parramatta or City
Email me on in the next day or so to have your say and be informed on where the reunion organisation is up to.
Thanks Carolyn

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