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# Posted: 30 Oct 2013 20:01

Having lived too far away from HAHS, since leaving [almost 38 years ago], I'm now living close enough to attend some functions.
During the morning, the current principal spoke of the "evolution" of HAHS, to where it is today.
With an obvious shift in the cultural demographic of the student body [which initially alarmed me I'll have to admit], I took the time to talk to a group of current students about Hurlstone of old and now.
I can assure any of the Oldboys" lamenting the obvious changes, that Hurlstone is still very much on track, producing the future leaders of our country, year after year. There is still quite obviously the same passion and as much commitment to academic exxcellence, as ever. The battles on the sporting field are still being fought with as much energy and pride [albeit in some new sports -skiing and snowboarding] as past years.
Across the board, I'd say the old school was in very good shape to face the
challenges it most certainly will over the coming decades.
Top marks to all at HAHS for continuing in the pursuit of excellence, that has made HAHS into the remarkable institution it has been and hopefully will continue to be

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