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# Posted: 20 Dec 2008 19:16

I live in the Balmain electorate. Looking to organise a campaign directed at the Education Minister and my local MP, Verity Firth. It should not take much to make the issue relevant to the local community who greatly value education and green space. Have a look at her electoral profile and the minister is very vulnurable on the left. There will be many ex-hurlstonians living in the Inner West of Sydney too.

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# Posted: 21 Dec 2008 19:33

David - I suggest you or one of your friends run as an Independent candidate or we could register SHEAP as a political party. We then run a Sheap candidate in every marginal seat such as Balmain. We man all booths in such electorates. You then do a preference deal with a major Party candidate who guarantees to vote against the sale of Hurlstone regardless of which Party wins the next election. But, with genral dissatisfaction with major parties, don't be surprised if a SHEAP candidate actullay wins a seat in Parliament. In the Upper House we would most certainly pick up a seat.

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# Posted: 21 Dec 2008 20:21

I love the idea of registering SHEAP as a political party. The govt tightened up the rules to form a party, however we have already seen the extent of the support sofar. It is an excellent way to show the depth of feeling for Hurlstone and for education generally. Labor is supposed to be the party that supports public education, but if they have given up on that and with the unions now against them what do they actually stand for?

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