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# Posted: 27 Jun 2006 20:54

Donations needed!

The 2006 prefect body are looking for donations to help support a new Hurlstone initiative.

The Young Endeavour Scholarship Scheme is making its debut at Hurlstone thanks to a prefect subcommittee. The Young Endeavour is a tall ship that takes young Australians on voyages around Australia, where they develop leadership skills, meet friendly people, gain new experiences and broaden their horizons.

The values that the Young Endeavour holds are shared with the ideal Hurlstone character. This is a person that is outgoing, has pride for their school and is active in many extra curricular events. There is no specific criteria to win the annual scholarship other than participation in the many opportunities that Hurlstone has to offer: Rural Youth, Interact, SRC, music, cadets, sports (rugby, hockey, dancing etc), public speaking, sports carnivals, drama, debating and loads of others. The Young Endeavour Scholarship Scheme at Hurlstone hopes to reward the student that is the most quintessential Hurlstonian.

If you believe that the Young Endeavour Scholarship has a certain amount of value to Hurlstone then please make a donation. The objective of such a program is to motivate students to strive to be that quintessential Hurlstonian, therefore increasing the amount of participation in extra curricular activities and upholding the fine reputation of Hurlstone.

For further information please contact the school Principal.

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