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# Posted: 27 Aug 2007 20:05 - Edited by: admin

Some people have been experiencing login problems recently.

Either you are not able to login at all or your login details are 'forgotten' quickly and you are asked to login again. This also means that you are then not able to send emails or access the forums.

The most probable cause of this problem is the 'cookie' setting in your web browser (eg Internet Explorer).

(Cookies are small amounts of information which websites use to store details which need to be 'remembered' - they are typically stored on your computer's hard disk drive)

This website expects to be able to use cookies to temporarily store login information, and so will not be able to do so if cookies are disabled.

This problem is more likely to be encountered if you are using an old link to the website.

(Although the old link will automatically redirect you to the new website, the cookies created will be treated as 'third-party' cookies instead of 'first-party' cookies and are therefore more likely to be blocked by a browser's default settings)

Please make sure that you always use the "" link to access the website. This will most likely fix the problem.

However, if this doesn't solve the problem, try changing the cookie settings in your browser to allow 'first-party' cookies - at least for this website.

If you have any difficulties at all in using the website, please do not hesitate to contact me.



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